How to use the on-line note converter

The converter is a PHP script which reads the note and "sends back" to the browser in the selected format - if the browser can handle the output format (eg. FireFox and Opera can handle SVG by default) it can immediately display the result.

The note must be uploaded to the server to make the script be able to read it. So you have to place a HTML form on your webpage, and with this form tag:

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action='' method='post'>

This form must contain an input and a select item. The first sends the note to the converter:

<input type='file' name='upld' >

The second defines the output format:

<select name='format' size='0'>
<option value='svg'>SVG</option>
<option value='text'>Text information</option>
<option value='apn1'>Pocket Notes file version 1</option>
<option value='apn2'>Pocket Notes file version 2</option>
<option value='apn3'>Pocket Notes file version 3</option>

If you want a fix output format, add ?format=type to the end of the action parameter of the form tag instead of the select above. The type can be:

  • text - Text information about the note
  • svg - Convert the note to SVG
  • apn1 - Convert the note Pocket Notes file version 1
  • apn2 - Convert the note Pocket Notes file version 2
  • apn3 - Convert the note Pocket Notes file version 3

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