Desktop Notes

Desktop Notes is an application for PCs and laptops. You can manage and display your notes on the PC or the notebook. Printing support is going to be added to it.

Desktop Notes supports different languages, and can be easily extended.

Desktop Notes is a Java application, so you can use it in a Linux, Machintos or even in a Windows enviroment.

You can find screenshots of the application on this site.
A test version of the program is already available at the Downloads page.
You can download the jar file itself, which the Java Runtime Enviroment can execute (eg. on a Mac). It downloads the rest of the files at the first time you run it, so it needs an Internet connection.
I have no Mac experience. If anyone use it on a Mac, a report about the way it works or some screenshots are welcomed (see Contact).
If you can create a Mac installer for the program, I'll make it available here. (And your name will be displayed).
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